eat. explore. experience

A year ago when i was so busy looking for my old pictures in  I saw some of my photos when i was still in kindergarten.  Riding a horse somewhere in Manila zoo(Manila,Philippines).  I was a bit amazed by just looking at it.  Then a sudden thought of something came up in my head. … Continue reading eat. explore. experience


I travel to learn

They say "life is a journey" while some people say "to travel is to live". Every traveler has its own description on how they travel the world and relate it to their own life. Yes, I am one of those travelers who wander in this planet called "earth". For me, I travel not just to … Continue reading I travel to learn

Chillin’ at Mt. Challey (2nd climb)

2nd climb (January 21, 2012) From the road to the peak Our work is not that any other normal kind of job in the city.  With the unpredictable schedules, high loads, extended time of working hours, almost no day offs and working night shifts made us feel like robots or zombies. We don't have enough … Continue reading Chillin’ at Mt. Challey (2nd climb)

Traveller’s 1st journey in Pamutan

Pamutan is a bgy. that is located in upper Labangon, Cebu City.  It has only 1,425 population in the said area.  Going to that place isn't difficult.  You can ride a habal-habal(motorcycle for hire) in Punta, Labangon and it only cost you Php 35. It was around 4 in the afternoon that I decided to … Continue reading Traveller’s 1st journey in Pamutan

Trek to Osmeña Peak(1st climb)

1st climb (April 3, 2011) Osmeña Peak is known as the highest peak in Cebu City.  It is located in Mantalungon,  Dalaguete, Cebu.  Mantalungon is known as the summer capital of Cebu because it is 700 - 800 meters above sea level and just like Baguio for its mild climate. When you reach the peak … Continue reading Trek to Osmeña Peak(1st climb)

Trek to Mt. Kan-irag(3rd climb)

My 3rd climb (February 9-10 2013) From Colonnade Mall(our meeting place) we ride a Talamban  jeep bound to Sunny Hills Subdivision in Talamban.  We arrived in Sunny Hills by 1 pm and headed to jump-off via habal-habal(motorcycle). We asked few locals in the area to give us direction and some information to the said Budlaan … Continue reading Trek to Mt. Kan-irag(3rd climb)