Trek to Osmeña Peak(1st climb)

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1st climb (April 3, 2011)


Osmeña Peak is known as the highest peak in Cebu City.  It is located in Mantalungon,  Dalaguete, Cebu.  Mantalungon is known as the summer capital of Cebu because it is 700 – 800 meters above sea level and just like Baguio for its mild climate. When you reach the peak you can see the southwestern coastline of Cebu and even the view province of Negros Oriental. Mountaineers are attracted to climb in the said peak because of the extraordinary climate and the scenery beauty of Cebu when you reach the top.

Trekking was just my unreachable dream before and that I never thought it’ll come true.  I envy mountaineers climbing without fears and discover nature with an unexpected adventures along the way.   When Mark(office mate) invited me for the 1st trek I didn’t have second thought.  That was my 1st experience in trekking together with my 1st timers office mates as well.

Preparing for the trek

I didn’t know what to bring on my 1st climb.  I just brought with me my tent, sleeping pad,backpack(of course), few clothes,2 flashlights, shoes, socks, can opener, candies,2  jackets, few undies, and 2 bonnets.  I even not really sure if this is enough for a 1 day trek.  All I knew is “whatever happen to us.. COME WHaT May”.   My buddies bought can goods, few food supplies for dinner and liquors to cover up the whatever coldness temperature in the peak(not aware of the temperature).

On our way to the peak

From Cebu City South Terminal we ride a bus bound to Dalaguete and dropped off at the corner going to Mantalungon proper.    We arrived in Dalaguete at around 11 in the morning.  We headed to the Mantalungon proper via habal-habal(motorcycle) and arrived at the public market from 30 mins travel and it cost us 80 pesos.  After refilling our water bottles and bought food supplies we headed to the peak via habal-habal again.  It cost us 30 pesos because it wasn’t that far.  When we reached the foot of the mountain, we started to carry the burden of walking to the peak.  It was very fine sunny afternoon with the clear blue sky.  That it seems like we’re under the heatwave trying to cool ourselves off while ascending towards the peak.

205744_10150147040741483_4825665_nOn our way to the peak preparing ourselves for another ride.

After few minutes of walking under the heatwave climate, we arrived at the peak at around 3 pm.  We rested for awhile and trying to gain back our adrenaline to build our tent in the campsite area.   Since we’re all hungry we prepared our lunch and realized that we didn’t bring any utensils aside from my can opener.   What we did is we cut our water bottles into a rectangle form and made spoons out of it.  For the dishes we only used plastics for we didn’t have any choice.  Luckily, there were that locals provide us 4 gallons of water.  So, our water supplies is more than enough for us even if we cut off our bottles.  After our late lunch, we spent our time roaming around the peak, took pictures and enjoyed every angle of scenic view from the top.


Breathtaking walk for beginners


When we reached the gate of the peak


Our campsite(This is Mark my office mate while I was at the back busy setting up my tent.)

We noticed from the distant there was this two couples busy of doing something.  Out of curiosity, we tried to reach them from the other side of the hill.  I’m with Mark and Michelle while our other companions were at the campsite.


Trying hard not to step to that very lil’ carrots crop that looks like any other ordinary grass.


We saw them harvesting their crops


I’m trying to help them fill their baskets


Fresh Cabbage  in Mantalungon


This is how they carry it after filling the basket and deliver to the Mantalungon market.

1st night for my 1st climb

We didn’t stay so long because it was already near dark.  We need to pass through that lil’ carrots again and it was too small to mistook as just lil’ grasses.  On our way to our campsite we gathered woods for our bond fire.  The chilly feeling of the weather and the wind brushed through my face made me so sick.  I felt so cold down to my last bone.  Excited to lit the fire to at least lessen my burden.  Michelle and I prepared our dinner while the boys busy piling up the woods for the bond fire later.  After we ate our dinner it was already around 6 pm and it was already dark.  We started to drink our liquors with the bond fire in front of us.  We enjoyed the night spending our time with chitchats and laughs.   When it was near 9 we are already in our designated comfort zone.  Jeaverson, Michelle and I are in 1 tent.  My tent is good for 3 persons so it was just enough for us to fit in.  Our body temperature gave us more warmth and lessen the shivered bones.  Thank God it wasn’t raining that night coz I’m pretty sure it’ll give us much hassle in our sleep.  Plus! I’m not prepared for it.

Morning came

It was almost 6 when I woke up the next day.  Still, the temperature didn’t change and made me so sick of having a flu.   When all of us woke up we then packed our things and decided to eat our breakfast in Dalaguete proper.


After we packed our things.


On our way to Mantalungon market(pause for awhile for another pose)


Osmeña Peak.. I was there!

Experience the best teacher

I learned lot of lessons from that trek.  1st :: Nature indeed has its own unique beauty that even the hundred years old rocks still in shape and intact even though it was tested by time and unfriendly weather.  2nd :: From its breathtaking scenery of the mountain’s top down to its last range are all proof that plants indeed has a life of its own.  3rd :: We should have brought with us the dishes and stove for cooking and other important equipments for the trek. 4th :: Be prepared!!..


1st Day

April 3 : Sunday :

8 am – 9 am             = met at Cebu City South Bus Terminal
9 am – 11 am           = take a bus travelling to Dalaguete, Cebu(South Part of Cebu)
11 am                         = arrival at Dalaguete proper
12 am – 1 pm             = ride on habal-habal(motorcycle) to  Mantalungon proper
1 pm – 1:30 pm       = buy foods @ Mantalungon Public Market
1:30 pm – 2:00 pm     = ride on habal-habal(motorcycle) to the foot of Osmeña Peak
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm = start hiking to the peak

2nd Day

April 4 : Monday :

5:30 am                          = wake up
6:00 am                          = packing up to go home
6:20 am – 7:30 am      = trekking down back to the foot of the peak
7:30 am – 7:45 am      = waiting for habal-habal
7:45 am – 8:15 am      = back to the public market
8:15 am – 9:00 am       = riding habal-habal to Dalaguete hi-way proper
9:00 am – 9:30 am     = breakfast in one of carenderia in Dalaguete
9:30 am – 11:00 am     = arrived home safe and sound

Fare Budget

 Cebu South Bus Terminal – Dalaguete proper(non-aircon) :          P 130
Dalaguete proper – Mantalungon proper(market)                  :          P 80
Mantalungon market – Osmeña Peak                                            :          P 30


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